Close Up Eye

There is a bright circle on the eye that looks like a reflection except that there is nothing to reflect.


That would be your light source :slight_smile:
Great eye!

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That’s what I thought until I moved the light to the other side of the rabbit. The only thing at that position is the camera.

Then what kind of light shines on the rabbit ?
If you moved the lamp away!

Is there an emmisive plane in the scene?

There is no emissive anything in the scene.

Ooo a mystery, could you share the blend file? I am curious!

It is the Lamp.

The Sun lamp is a uniform directional light so it doesn’t matter where the lamp is in the scene.

You can test this by turning the lamp off- the reflection goes, rotating the lamp also moves the reflection too :smile:

Thanks Michael, I hadn’t realized that the sun was a uniform directional lamp :flushed:

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