Clone DefaultPawn_BP and set transforms in blueprint

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do my own escape room, so, I have an array of transforms and I want to create (or spawn, or I dont know what) that takes every transforms of the array and moves smoothly.

I’m doing this part in BluePrint so, in order to do that I made a variable called ClonedPawn that is a DefaultPawn_BP type, then I try to use SetActorTransform, to move that pawn, but I got an error, I think it’s because the variable it’s not initialized, but when I go to details of that variable I can’t set a default value.

What should I do, maybe my way it’s not the correct to achieve what I want :confused:

I attach a screenshot.

Thank you!

Hi! I did some changes that I think should move pawn smoothly but when I play start it shows the same error, what can I do? I let you another screenshot

Help me please :frowning:

solved, this is the way I did it! :smiley:

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