Clear area doesn't work

Hi all,
My zombie runner game plays the audio right through the clear area check at the beginning of the game. I thought the player had to go find a location that had a clear area for the helicopter to land first. In my game, the player spawns in a location that isn’t clear, there’s trees and hills in the way. I’ve baked the nav mesh, so I know that isn’t the issue.

Weird thing: when I check Ben’s end game state, it also plays through the full audio, launches a flare, even though I haven’t moved at all. And, the player is right beside a tree.

Anyone find a fix for this?

i noticed this also after the “Over to you…” prompted me to get zombies spawning. unfortunately in the update of the ClearArea.cs, it’s only running a check to see if the time since last trigger has been longer than a second and more than 10 seconds after startup and if the foundClearArea variable is false, which we initialized it to false. so this will always be true as soon as those 3 requirements are met and the OnFindClearArea message gets sent upwards.

i didn’t take the time to implement it but i had briefly thought that we could use the h key that we defined as call heli to start searching for a cleared area instead of always searching. following that thought path, you would need another variable for isSearchingForClearArea variable that gets set to true when you press H on your keyboard and then false when you send the OnFindClearArea message upwards.

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