Chucky Egg



Dont know why but the first thing i could think of is Dizzy (a very old Spectrum game) lol…


With Sonic’s shoes.
He looks surprised, what’s going on there?

Also I loved the Dizzy games on speccy, great fun. Will it be a similar type of game?
Also don’t forget there is a game on the Spectrum called Chuckie Egg. Although it’s so old and the name is a bit different that I don’t think anybody would be bothered if your name is similar :slight_smile:


nice scene, puts mine to shame lol


lol. i honestly didnt notice the sonic shoes.

Its not gonna be a game ill be making. Its a challenge from one the the videos. 'Make a scene with only the standard sprites in unity.

He looks surprised because just off screen is the answer to the age old question… what came first, chicken or the egg. Which is like him asking l… what is the meaning of life lol


Thank you :slight_smile: