Chessboard in wooden frame

I admit that I have cheated a bit. I fiddled with blender before and I am comfortable with Cyclic.
Still, there are many lessons to learn …

This is done in cyclic. I added the texture but used a Nodes to add a scaling factor. Then I rotated the mapping using UV-unwrap so that I got four homogenous but separate applications of the texture. I was aiming at how I would actually make such a framed board.

First attempt simply putting the surrounding frame in place.

Then I wanted to get rid of facets in the bevel, shading smooth gave a bad surprise…

But then I found that I can put Flat on the frame and then selectively Smooth on the faces part of the bevel! :slight_smile:

After fiddling a little more with the material and attempting to make the joint of the 4 wood-pieces visible, I put the Subdivide on the chess pieces and …

Hmmm, just have to see if I can make it look like my favorite kind of wood, cherry, what do you think?


Nice result! :wink:

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