Chess board with a dark grey marble squares

Hi there!

Here is my current progress (on the high poly set for my fat headed pieces!) with the newly added wooden board and the marble tiles! For the black squares, I used a wave texture with an RGB curves modifier on the output. This allowed me to make the generated patterns way darker on some part of the histogram and white on a tiny fraction of the histogram. I could get a dark grey marble effect with it :slight_smile: The output is then connected to both the base color and roughness of the material as shown in the course. Hope you like it!

EDIT: updated materials in the thread below :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested, here are the settings I used for the grey marble.

Feedback are more than welcome!

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For me, personally, the texture is too strong. It is distracting the play.
I remember something about a chessplayer wearing a red tie.
The other one went nuts because it shined on the board and distracting him.

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That’s a great point, I’ll try to soften them by reducing the contrast (and increasing the contrast between black/white squares). Thanks for the feedback!

FedPete beat me too it. The board squares are to me too, far far too ‘busy’. Completely overwhelming the scene. Real marble is subtle, less contrasty on the whole. Especially small bits.

I have to agree as well, especially since the wood border of the Chess Board also has a busy texture. It makes the Chess Board stand out so much, the Chess Pieces are hard to see.

Thanks for your feedback all @FedPete @NP5 @Miss_B! I reworked the squares and changed the wood texture as well. What do you guys think? Did this help? Any idea on how to improve it? The black squares might still be a bit too detailed but I feel it doesn’t distract as much as before.

Also added the queen in the meantime :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your feedback!


Wow, such a glossy finish. Right out of the box :wink:
HUGE improvement!
later you will learn using bump and normal maps to make tiny scratches, bumps.
Making it more realistic.

Good update!

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Fabulous improvement. Now the Chess Pieces take center stage. :wink:

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Much better. I would tone down the reflectivity/smoothness of the wood.

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