Characters assets


In the RPG Core Combat Creator - Archived Course, in the lesson 5 Set Up A Combat Sandbox i’m having trouble to find the Characters assets: Assets → Import Package → Characters. I tried to download the Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller but the Player doesn’t move and the camera doesn’t reflects the one on the video

Unfortunately, starting with Unity 2017, Unity removed the Starter assets from the distribution. After 2018 they stopped supporting the package altogether. Here’s the link to the Asset Store where you can download the Standard Assets pack, though I can’t guarantee their compatability with the newer versions of Unity. Standard Assets (for Unity 2018.4) | Asset Packs | Unity Asset Store

In terms of the Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller, this is a relatively new addition, and is a from the ground up rebuild of the TPCC. It won’t be directly compatable with either the Archived course or the current course.