Changing material doesn't work in shading mode

Did somebody have such problem?
It’s my pin in Solid mode

And it’s my pin in Shading mode

I try to add a material to my pin but color doesn’t change. It’s still invisible.
Same problem I have with my previous projects even if I open them in old versions of Blender.
But the interesting thing is I can see material in Rendering Cycles mode.

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Weird. I have no suggestion as to anything ‘wrong’.

If you have had this on other projects might it be a graphics driver issue? Something it does not like about that particular render type.

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Did you hide the lamp(s)?
No light. then nothing to shade.
And the environmental light comes from all directions, so everything looks grey.

Check also specular and roughness as material option.

I tried and checked everything above and still have this problem

I found a solution. It’s a problem with AMD grafic driver. I had to downgrade my driver to version 20.11.1. All newer versions cause problems in Blender.

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