Chamber: prison escape game with word-puzzle component

Hello, this is my text game, “Chamber”.


Public GitHub Repo

Points of Note, Questions

Points of note

  • The game offers clues in the form of images and multiple text clues.
  • It has a word-puzzle component that requires a custom input. For this reason, it might be too difficult. It also might be too easy. Since I came up with the puzzle, it’s hard for me to evaluate.
  • There is a specific losing scenario and a winning one.
  • I think I commented my code decently. It might be helpful for anyone without previous programming experience (I’m new to C#)


  • I think I used .gitignore properly in the github repo. I’ve never used git on a unity project before this. Is this the usual convention?
  • Are we actually allowed to post code written in this course publicly? I would have assume so, so long as we’re not giving away assets we did not create. But wouldn’t hurt to have confirmation.

I’m replying to this post because I followed your lead with the Github post of my work and would like to follow the answers.

I would also like to make sure I am not posting something I shouldn’t.

Great game btw.
I had a hard time figuring the word out, so I cheated by looking at your code… but I really love the winning and losing state and how they depend on your actions. Really good stuff!

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