Challenge: Toy Plane

Spent a lot longer on this than I had planned. Ended up using a lot of time on getting smooth curves on a box. They way I did it was to combine a box and a cylinder, and then remove/combine vertices until I had the curve I wanted. In this case it was used on the propeller, Wings and the “seating area”.
I hope we learn some other methods for combining meshes and adding curves soon :slight_smile:

The original I used as a reference:


TIP: If you select an EDGE and using the keystroke Ctrl-B, your activating bevel-mode.
Draging the mouse and scrolling mouse wheel, influences the amount of bevel.

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Wow, had I known that I would have saved so much time(But I did get a lot of practice with merging objects!). The hotkey for me(Windows 10) was Ctrl-B(Shift-B is some selection tool?).

Thank you for the tip :smile:

Sorry, typo. You’re correct.! :wink:
You will learn more time savers during the course.

But I do also a lot merging by hand, just to clean-up, etc.

I applaud your dedication! Well done!!:+1:

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