Certified in Russia. 86%

Well, I just got certified.
I spent 37 minutes on the exam.

The test was pretty easy, but some questions were pretty ambiguous from my point of view. Especially in the Animation section. I had problems with understanding questions despite the fact that I rewatch the Animation section of this course, reread the documentation about Animation on Unity website and play a little with Animation system in Unity before the exam.
Of course, maybe the problem was in my English since I am not a native speaker, but I didn’t have any problems with understanding Udemy courses and quizzes before. Since I didn’t have any problems with the most of the questions, so it is possible that some questions are just not clear.

Few more things:

  1. There was a really strange question about vector3. I think it is incorrect, because there were two possible correct answers. I can recommend you to reread about vector3 properties and methods before the exam, even if you are familiar with C#. One guy even told about this question to an instructor.
  2. There was a question in which the Legacy Animation System was mentioned. I didn’t expect that. It will not harm to read about it before the exam. It is not necessary, but it can help since questions in the Animation section can be pretty ambiguous.
  3. It is good idea to take all the quizes from this course before the exam but you should try to answer questions without looking at possible answers.
  4. There were about 12 people taking the exam. Much more than I expected.
  5. No t-shirts, no badges, nothing at all :frowning:

In the end - taking this course is definitely enough to pass the exam.

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Congratulations @fandrfa, great result - well done! :slight_smile:

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