Certified in Atlanta Georgia 1860/2000


The test was very tricky at times. This training made it possible for me to pass. The test made me very nervous at the beginning of each section it would tell me I need 2 of the 2 questions to pass. If you go through the lectures and test your knowledge you will do great on this exam. The mock exam really helped a lot. I finished the test in about 30 minutes. Ledet has a really nice setup in a beautiful area in Georgia(after you deal with the traffic). I found the matching section on the test easier than on the training site, but I found the hot spot questions were a little harder. I had problems when it asked questions about what formats of audio Unity used by default. It did not have an answer exactly like the mock exam it seemed to combine 2 of the answers. The other question that was tricky was about what model formats unity loads. Unity loads several formats, but the work is done behind the scene in running fbx or obj converters from the software libraries. In my opinion that is kinda unfair when I can drag a .blend file into Unity and it will just work.


Great feedback Ned and congratulations, fantastic achievement, well done :slight_smile: