Certified 93%

Hi all,
there it is, 93%, passed the exam at Unite Europe

The first question scared the hell out of me because to a very simple question: “With an animator component, you can…” The problem was not the question (I know animator component through and through) but rather the proposed answers. There were some phrasing that I couldn’t wrap my apparently lacking english semantics around. like “Animate gameobjects with a speed tangent”… what the heck is a speed tangent? It felt to me like it was the right answer, since you can define the animation speed, but the word “tangent” was so unclear to me that I ended up not opting for that one (thinking back, I’m pretty sure that was the right answer).

After that one I was really worried that all the questions would be phrased in a way that would make me hesitate. Luckily that ended up not to be the case… yay!

Other mistakes were from not knowing my hotkeys too well, not paying enough attention to employment preparedness / industry awareness, and a question about ambient occlusion with 4 answers that were all very close to each other and I eyeballed it.

There was one trap question too, asking how to create a new vector with z = 50, x = 12 and y = 45… and it offers amongst others:
Vector3 daVector = new Vector3(50, 12, 45)
Vector3 daVector = new Vector3(12, 45, 50)

If you think the answer is the first one, look again, they gave z, x, y and not x, y, z… how cheesy. But I was not to fall into that trap.

So conclusions are: Stay focused, don’t validate your answers before re-reading the question 10 times. you get 90 minutes, that’s way more than you need. It took me 45 and I really took my time on each question


Congratulations @Jean-Gobert_De_Coste, great result! :slight_smile:

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