Cartoony Bunny struggling with Fur

I’m not sure but the regular fur just doesn’t cover my bunny’s entire skin. The brush ain’t responding…

even at 9000 emitters and still not fluffy. its taking so much memory too :frowning:

One solution i tried is to make her fur curly… :cold_sweat:


Another way i compensate for the lack of coverage is by using layering particles on top each other.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks

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I like the first one, the brown picture. It looks like an evil bunny … I like it.

I think, you need to activate, work with particle children.
And maybe your mesh count is to low, more subdivision. Because hair is placed randomly. I got the feeling it doesn’t depend on face size. large face with same number of hair, is less dense than small faces.
So try subdivision.
And are your face normals pointing to the outside.

Don’t give up.

thanks i’ll that out!

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