Can't rotate all the objects in group

How do I rotate all the selected objects at once?? I have selected all the objects but It could rotate only one particular

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You can take screenshots via the top left menu bar, Window, Save screenshot. Much easier to see.

Not really sure what you want to rotate and how.

If it is all of those tiles staying exactly as they are but round 180 degrees so they go on the other side of the roof.

Use top view, numberpad7, Change your ‘Transform pivot point’ for the rotation to work by, to the 3d cursor. Then press R, type in 180, enter.

As your model is not centred on the grid, and your cursor is on the grid centre, the resulting moved tiles will be turned round 180 degrees but not exactly in place on the other side of the roof. However you can work from there with normal up/down left/right etc. movements.

Had the entire model been built centrally, the rotation would fit the opposite side perfectly in one action. You could reposition your cursor before rotating however, by selecting some object item central to the model, roof central beam? and Shift S, cursor to selected. then rotating as described above.


I believe this has been resolved here and in the Udemy Q&A :slight_smile:

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