Can't cut edge?

My first instinct for the railings challenge, was to just make two cuts down the ramp and extrude the railings out from that.
However, this didn’t work, at all. It simply refused to include the ramp or top step as part of the cut.

Now, I realize that this would make unnecessary extra edges around the pyramid, and the way we are shown in the video is better, but I would really like to understand why this didn’t work. Things like this would just frustrate me down the line when I expect something to work, and it doesn’t.

I also see that I can’t really select an edge loop with the edges of the ramp and top step, which I assume have something to do with it? Does it have something to do with the geometry? The edge following the ramp down goes around the whole pyramid, but any edge loop selection just stops at the ramp.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hi, same things
first correct

but another ))

wrong line and slice

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