Cannot find the "surface: emission" tab in 2.78

I tried to add a emission component to my light bulb, but my layout of the materials tab is different then the one in the lecture. I found out the vertical tabs in the lecture (04:07) seem to be the tabs in horizontal boxes in my view. But I still cannot find the “surface” component under “surface”. Can someone help? Thank you.


You are on the “Blender render”.
What is shown in the lecture is done in “Cycles Render” mode.

Switch to Cycles and then try creating the sphere, once you’ll add a new material you’ll see a different menu entirely.

( or if you don’t want to recreate the object, in this case its easy but just for reference, switch to cycles and your already created material will switch to this:

click the “Use nodes” and you will get the same menu as in the lecture:


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Thanks a lot! I would never thought of that :slight_smile: it all works now. Thank you for the clear explanation as well.

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Yes, Thank you. I had the same problem.

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I had the same problem when we had our lectures on blender Render I was on cycles Render and I could not understand why my tool bars were completely different.

Thank god for this forum…Had the same problem

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