Candy Kingdom-plus number wizard concept!

Hey everyone! I am really excited about this game, I made my text adventure game, but also was able to incorporate the number wizard game into it as well! I would really like as much feedback as possible, thanks!! Don’t give up if you die, keep at it until you win!

chrome view

Hey, nicely done. A couple of my own thoughts as a player, $0.02:

  • There are some paths that result in game over with no clue, warning or ability to avoid it. It’s essentially random. The best adventures are those where if you die, you realise it’s because you ignored or failed to notice something that should have tipped you off not to do that thing.

  • The number wizard part didn’t seem to make sense or do anything when I pressed the buttons. “Did you find the secret way to die?” well, I died twice, is that what you mean? And I pressed both 1 and 2, but nothing seemed to happen.

It was well written (only one spelling mistake I saw - “murky”) and maybe you could carry the Candyland concept through the rest of the projects? Candy block breaker will be a good project.

Thanks for the feedback. The number wizard thing was just the counter for how many attempts it took you and if you found the way to actually die. What where your results? As for more of a hint that you are about to do something wrong, I guess I could have, but I wanted to make it so you would fail a time or two for the counter at the end to actually have some use. As for the theme throughout that course, that’s a good idea. Although I have already started the next number wizard game with a little bit of a war games parady.

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