Can you play 2 animations at the same time in sequencer?

Just to clarify, i know how to do this as part of the actual game and play inputs, but is it possible to do this in sequencer? basically what i want to do is to play idle, but then on top of that have the character lip syncing the audio, i know i can use an animation montage and just add the keyframes on there, but is there not a quicker way to do it on top of idle in the sequencer? there just has to be right?

Context? Course/Section/Lecture?

it’s nothing from you guys, but if you dont want me asking questions that arent from here please do let me know. i just want to know if its possible to have a character play idle in sequencer, and also be able to animate them blinking there too, ive figured control rigs are probably the way to go. but still im sorry if i shouldnt post in here just general questions ill stop

That’s fine. However I have very limited experience with Sequencer so I don’t think I can answer this question :confused:.

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