Can this course be done with the latest LTS of Unity (2022.3.13f1)?

Hey there,

I recently recovered my course projects from a broken harddisk.
When trying to add this project to the Unity Hub, it asked me to install a Unity editor (2018.4.36f1) and the moment when I opened my Editor, I noticed a arsenal of errors:

So I did try to create a clean project for that same specific version (2018.4.36f1), so I can re-add every asset I have so far. But in that new project I received an error stating that Collab is deprecated, so another console full of errors.

On Google I saw a similar issue where was stated that the Collab package needs to be replaced via the Package Manager, but also the Package Manager is missing in my editor.

So is it possible to do this course with the latest LTS of Unity 2022, or is there a possibility that an updated version will be released of the course (where a later LTS is being used).

Kind regards!

The project runs well in the latest Unity 2022.3 versions.
There is a caveat, however. When building a NavMesh, the version used in the course is now considered the “Legacy” version. You’ll need to add AI Navigation in the Package Manager and when you want a NavMesh, add a NavMeshSurface to one of the GameObjects in the scene. With the surface, you can bake just like in the older versions of Unity.

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