Can the outcome of this course be transformed into a 2.5D Side Scroller?

Hi, I am working on developing a 2.5D Side Scrolling RPG game, and wanted to ask if you would think it would be possible to start off with the product from this course, and transform it into the game that I have in mind.

I think the easiest way to help you visualize is that I would like it to look like Trine-1 and Trine-2 games. Which means I will need to lock the camera on the side, and also make the character follow a single pre-determined line of movement, rather than a 360 degrees freedom. I also do not want to have an inventory system, but would need features such as jumping, ledge grabbing, crouching, stealth mode, and use of special abilities.

i am currently taking the foundational Unity course, and currently half-way through Glitch Garden. I was wondering if taking Twin Sticks or the RPG game as a baseline would be a better idea to cut down on development.

Thank you for your perspective on this.

None of the courses would directly cover this. There are some things you may be able to adapt to get you started from Zombie Runner and Twin Sticks, but that’s all. The specific stuff you are looking for isn’t really covered, and is a bit beyond the course at present.

It sounds like you are more interested in a course on mechanim and animation, which perhaps should be used to supplement the lessons from the Unity course once you complete Zombie Runner.

What you describe isn’t really an RPG game, rather a platformer with RPG elements.

Here we removed jumping very early in the course and spend a lot of time fiddling with terrain – which won’t really be necessary if you restrict the player’s movement in two axes. And you’d have to drastically butcher the end product of this course to turn it into a platformer.
Why don’t you make a fully-fledged RPG with this course? Not from your current plan, but from something new. You usually don’t have only one single idea for a game, so – do you have a favourite first person, third person or isometric RPG and would you want to try to create something similar?

As for your current, side-scrolling game, you’d be much much better off starting from a platformer and adding the RPG elements you want on top off that. 2.5D is essentially the same as 2D game; most of the time, you just use 3D graphics instead of 2D.
E.g. check out this tutorial series. It looks like it’s long enough to give a good foundation for your game and I like that it uses raycasting for movement (because Unity physics engine can be a bit unresponsive on uneven ground, which is quite frustrating in a platformer).

I think this series here is almost exactly what you are going for.

Side-scroll movement
Special attacks
Exp and Stats
all kinds of cool stuff

I think it is a good idea to start off this series and adapt my game to this isometric-3D game world. It will be very different from the game that I have in mind, but given my limitations in skill and experience it be a fair start.

I believe a game can be a full-fledged Role-Playing game without necessarily having an inventory system and having a side-scrolling 2.5D view, but this will be for a future project when I am more ready.

My main inspirations were Salt & Sanctuary, Pharaonic, and Trine.

I really liked the tutorial you provided in the link. It does seem to cover some of the elements of the game covered in this RPG series, maybe without going too much into the game design aspect.

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