Can somebody helping with this erros in Importing Bull Cow Game

Every time I click unreal engine in this project I cannot open the unreal engine I using is 4.26.0 the lasts version in unreal engine, his said I how to rebuild the source manually in appear a errors. can somebody helping with this right now.

Could you post your most recent log in Saved > Logs?

Yes I did

I will play my problem is when I click in the file of Bullcow in unreal eninge is said I have to rebuild and show me a error

I using 4.26 unreal engine

I using the Laster version of unreal engine

And every time I click in the file is saids I have to rebuild and after I saids yes is show a erro

I try to delete binary file and intermediate and saved file from the folder in try to click again in unreal engine bullcow is show me the same error.

Did you understand my problem ye or not

And I reinstall visual studio 2019 in my computer to try if is the is the problem but is it

You must helping to solve this problem

I read many comments and I try but still not fix my error

Oh nevermind I fiex the problem

Do you know how fix the problem I have 4.26 so I install a older version of unreal engine 4.24 and I rebuild the project in unreal engine 4.24 and is working pleas is somebody have 4.26 don’t use in this project you must install a older version for use this project.

Thank you for responding and be attention about me

You did not show any logs. Please see the lecture titled “Helping Us Help You”

It had been 7 minutes since your initial reply. Which is an absolutely ridiculous time frame to expect a reply from any service from any company; let alone a single person.

Version 4.26 works fine. I’ve tested it.


Why did you post that?

I don’t know Because you ask my last save log

I said it’s in your Saved > Logs folder and that the instructions on how to do this is in the lecture titled “Helping Us Help You”.

As you’ve said that 4.22 is working for you is there any reason you want to use 4.26?

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