Can I plz get a clean copy of the Pyramid Blender file?

I’m in lesson 34 and I’ve used different means than the instructor did to get this far but it’s now causing me headaches. Can I please get a copy of the Pyramid so I can continue?


BTW the Blender course has been great!!


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I also made things a little different so I can’t help you. :slight_smile: Unless you want to use the unfinished version of the pyramid I’m playing with, and finish it your way.

I’m also having to change somethings. But this is good, problem solving is a very important skill to develop. This kind of situation when you have to fix the mesh or redo some part of it because it’s not working as you planned will happen all the time until you get to a certain level of experience.

You could also upload a screenshot of the problem you are having.

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While in the lecture videos, Go to the Resources icon (looks like stack of lines with circles on the end) and click on it to see if any files are available. Click on the blue link to follow it to gitHub and download the appropriate file.

But, better suggestion thought might be to retry making the pyramid yourself following the lectures then experiment on your own. Is a lot less frustrating at least it is for me. It took me a couple of times remaking the pyramid to understand what Micheal was trying to teach. :slight_smile: One thing I have learned about Blender having to redo things really does help you understand the concepts in the long run.


I didn’t know about this link to GitHub, it’s very useful. Thanks!

I agree, practice and knowledge is never too much. :slight_smile: As was said in one of the lessons if I’m not mistaken, even more experienced people can always learn a trick or two from things that seems basic and silly. A way to achieve something faster, or a useful shortcut, or function, etc. And for those who are still in the beginning (myself included) it gets even more important.


I can’t remember if the files were available this time last year or not so I did have to look to see if any were available before posting a reply :wink: . You are most welcome. Is what these forums are all about establishing a community with students helping each other.

I never used the files with the course because they really don’t show me the process just a final product, which really doesn’t do me any good. I am terribly stubborn and refuse to let Blender defeat me after countless years of trying to learn it. :slight_smile: I wanted to do it on my own! Besides, having to do it on my own I learned what mistakes I was making which helped just as much as what Michael is teaching. But, I do understand it can be frustrating when first starting out and wanting to just move on to other lectures.

Yep, you never stop learning with Blender. There are so many ways you can do the same thing but different routes in Blender it would be impossible to learn them all. It’s always nice to learn a new trick or two of how to do something more efficiently or something you didn’t know before.

Look forward to seeing your projects in the near future.

P.S. Remember, it’s not a race. Take it in bits and pieces so you don’t burn out. Is lots and lots of information to digest and assimilate so take a break if needed. Rewind and watching prior lessons are our friends. :slight_smile: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help in the forums. Don’t be afraid to strike out and do projects for yourself. Most of all have fun with it!

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Thanks for the reply Margaine but I don’t see the Github link you’re referring to.

The file only has one blend file used early on. What am I missing?

Click on the Blue links that say Lecture Project Changes, those will route you to the Blend files housed on GitHub. Note, not every lecture has project changes file so you will more than likely need to download the file before where your issue lies. I have never used the files so do not know if the projects are in various states of completion or finalized projects.

There doesn’t appear to be that link in this class so far but I took your suggestion and went back and created the project based on the instructors method for the experience in Blender and it’s perfect.



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