Camera Movement - Lecture 88


Sorry to be a killjoy but I just wanted to take issue with your descriptions of camera movement. I should add that I come to this from the perspective of a live TV Director with more than 2 decades of experience for terrestrial and satellite broadcasters in the UK.
Early on in your lecture, you rotate the camera on a vertical axis and describe it initially as a ‘pan’ and then correct yourself and call it a rotation. Actually, a camera rotation on the vertical axis really is a ‘pan’. A camera rotation on the horizontal axis is a ‘tilt’. Hence, camera tripods are equipped with ‘pan and tilt’ heads. You then move the camera right to left in the horizontal plane and call that a pan. This is actually a ‘track’ or sometimes (I think mainly in the US) a ‘truck’. If you move the camera in the horizontal plane forwards or backwards (towards or away form the object), the movement is know as a ‘dolly’. If you move the camera up or down, it is known as a ‘pedestal’ or more usually a ‘ped’.
I know this seems pedantic but I’m sure you will agree that it is important to communicate using correct terminology or, more to the point, not use incorrect terminology as this can lead to much confusion later on. Certainly, in the environment that I am used to working in, such confusion can (and has!!) cause significant problems.


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