Camera help?

Hello all, I am having a dilemma as the exporter I use for my models is 100xs larger than blender. CHALLENGE: Scale your cube to 700 by the x, y and z axis. Then adjust your camera to be able to see your new scaled view perfectly. “Can anyone tell me how to do this?” :slight_smile:

CHALLENGE 2: Can anyone please tell me how to uv unwrap my models after i already textured them? "The thing is I’ve already textured them ALL, but then when i tried to export them i noticed that the program i am exporting them through requires them to be uv unwrapped

Ch1: In Object mode: Select the Cube. Type “s” (for scaling) and enter “700”. Enter again.
Then you need to zoom out (Mouse-wheel or “-”).
Select the camera in the “outliner”-window. Press “g” to grab it whereever you want it. Then select the cube.
View->Align View->Align active camera to selected.

Hope that helps.

UV-unwrapping will be part of the Church lesson section 07.

in very short stept;

  • Select object
  • go in edit mode
  • Select mesh
  • do unwrap
  • open pannel (unwrap / image)
  • Load image

Be patient !, follow the lessons ! Good luck

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