Camera height with a Quest

I’m doing this class with an Oculus Quest. I have access to a Rift, but it isn’t as convenient. I discovered that my camera is in the vertical center of the capsule, making me about 3’ tall in the scene. I didn’t notice this with the Rift, but I was doing Seated VR vs Standing VR with the Quest. The Rift CV1 uses eye-level tracking while the Quest and Rift S use floor level.

My question is, is the height offset handled later in the course or is this something I am going to have to track down and solve? I know it’s handled properly in the BP VR Pawn.

You just need to adjust the root to be higher?

Pretty much. I know the course wasn’t designed for mobile VR and it was done before the Quest came out. But the Rift S has the same inside-out tracking mechanism and might be affecting them, too.

A quick and dirty fix may be just to add 100 to the Z offset when the VRRoot is repositioned.

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