Camera fxed on head

helo guysI’m new so I cant post my script, anyway I 'm begginer with Unity 3d and I want to Ask how to put camera FPS on the head of my player? It follows player but it 's attached to his feet.If i manualy move camera ,when i go play unity editor just bring it back on his feet.I don’t know how to set his pivot so the camera remains atached on his head. Some code in c# I must to write,but i realy don’t know what.I coppied already position (world) from character and paste it in camera pivot,this is why it always start from his feet. I should say that i also coppied position (world) then from camera pivot and done paste aat camera.I’m mot sureif that is I problem,because I’m 92% sure that the problem is some missing code and I don’t know what to writw.

Hi Nemanja, welcome to the community. In order to help you, let us know which course you are tacking. The Teaching Assistants are very helpful, but the will want to know which one should help. Also, can you post screen shots of the inspector windows for your player and the camera. The settings you have now will be very helpful in figuring out what is going on. The camera settings are tricky to learn.

Hi,I follow complete c# Unity game develper,but it’s about one other my personly project aside that I have problem with.


Inside your player prefab, add an empty game object and move it to the character’s head. Then, in the cameraPivot inspector, drag that gameobject into the Look field.

Thank you,but I want to write it in script,not put it in hierarchy.That skill I want to learn.

this is camera pivot script

just camera script,i will try to send this now here.

I done like you say,but it doesen’t work.
here is picture:

I think some code 100% is missing,but i don’t understand which.

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