I modeled the calculator on my desk. Made a lot of mistakes with planning the topography and it got difficult to smooth the edges. I’m happy with how the buttons turned out though using selective smooth shading.


Great achievement!
Maybe add a image with some display number input … ?
Good project

Thanks FedPete. I like the idea of a screen texture and I started working on it. I captured a screenshot from a graphing emulator and have mapped it to the screen faces but have an issue. The actual screen info is smaller than the physical screen. As in, there’s a margin without any info printed to it. So if I map the faces so they are larger than the image I no longer get the screen color I want on the margins. They turn black as can be seen in the image attached. How can I control the color of the margins, or are beyond the UV texture?

The best thing is of course to match the mesh screen display size with the image you are using.
Or make the image the size of the display. Use gimp for this or photoshop.
You can even make the image as a .PNG with a alpha channel.
And add a transparent margin to your image. Which should display the underlying color mesh

But the image is just an image and can be scaled.
I would use for the image, an image plane (a rectangle containing the image).
And place it slightly above the display object (calculator).

So there are many solutions, all depending on your skills and good ( orginal ) content.

I hope this will help you a bit.

Thanks for the info mate! Here it is with some further work. There’s lots more I could do to polish it up, especially with the body, but I’m going to move on to greater things :slight_smile:


The calculator keys are looking very good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, I’m really liking how they look. The body is what throws it off. I’ll eventually come back and redo it. Just want to learn more things first.

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Yes, don’t hang much on one project. There is much more to learn.
Keep your project clean. Use collections, give good names to object and materials.
And re-use in up comming project is much more pleasant.

have fun!