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Hey everyone. I am part of another forum for game development, and one of the users over there has been working on his own game engine for that past like 2-3 years now. He just updated with new Alpha progress and its something really special. He has combined the simplicity of Blitz programming, with Vulcan API inside of a C++ project. This isn’t sponsored, or anything like that, but if you wanted to see some progress on it the link is below.

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I had a quick look at the page because I’m always interested as to what is going on in the world of game development - even though I am staying with Unity for the foreseeable future - but, I couldn’t find any files to download and/or installers.

This has all the hallmarks of being vapourware and I hate the fact that I’ve just wasted my time looking!

I talk with the developers regularly on discord. They try to keep their site updated, but without revealing too much. There isn’t a download, or installer yet as its still in closed Alpha.

Well, if anything comes of it please post back because as I said I am always interested in tools for development, but at the moment, there just isn’t anything at all. Just lots of pretty pictures that could’ve been edited in Photoshop.

If they really are at closed Alpha testing then they really should get it to people like myself who are always open to using new products, have really good communication skills when writing bug reports, who like pushing products to the point where they fall over, and as I would be using the product in unusual ways I will find bugs - a ‘lot’ more bugs. Even found one in Titanfall 2 last night as I’m forever hitting the wrong button on the PS controller :grinning:.

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