Buster!!! from the Block Breaker section.

Game features:

long play loop (7 songs adjoined), win/lose sounds, 7 levels, demo mode
(autoplay) activates automatically after 10 seconds on start screen
(just click mouse to return to start screen to play for real). I’ve
never made it past level 2 myself…

Gamebucket: http://gamebucket.io/g…/6022b86f-ef98-4f7e-9fc3-8df0612db49e (for next 30 days)

Itch.io: https://tdvance.itch.io/buster

Other info:

The five songs I made about a decade ago and sat on my hard drive
waiting for an excuse to use them are (in the order they occur in the
sound loop): Barbershop (homage to Samuel Barber), Bridge for Sale (over
Brooklyn, of course), Chimley (a waltz with a limp), Gravity (kind of
heavy, though strangely Mars-ish), and XTrain (take the X Train, if you
want to get to Bedlam). In addition are two more from FreeSounds or
whatever that website was called, Magntron “GameMusic” (light-casual
disco-ish) and Airwolf89 “Epic Battle Music” (middle-earth-ish).

Also, sounds from FreeSounds include bottle break, chisel on brick,
brick dropped on dirt, golf ball hit, “win” trumpet stab, sad trombone
with wah wahs. Backgrounds come from searching Google Images for Urban
Decay, and Lego. The bricks and paddle are home-made in GIMP, and the
ball is a golf ball from Google images.

After following the
course and building a game, I did what has often worked (but is not
recommended for large projects)–I threw away the code (not literally, I
kept it around for copy-pasta purposes) and started over from the
beginning, incorporating all the “lessons learned” (that’s what my
management told us to call “screw ups” at work) into the new design.

The source code is here: https://github.com/tdvance/Buster

Nicely done, I like the flow of the game, and the borders, keeps it random. Love it.

Only made it to level three… but great job.

And there are not screw UPS…its call feedback, and feedback isnthe breakfast of champions.

Great job. Keep itnup.

nice game, love the Start and Game Over Screens. The ball moves a little too slow though.

Very cool stuff here.

I like the bricks used as a border to keep the ball doing interesting things.
The paddle, bricks and ball, all read very well. The ghost image of destroyed blocks is also an interesting touch.

And the Game Over scene is well thought out.

My on critique is the volume on the sound effects could be turned up a little.

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