Bust-A-Block (at long last!)

This project gave me unbelievable trouble. But after 6+ weeks of debugging, I’ve finally got it up and running so I present to you all Bust-A-Block.

Yes, it’s devilishly hard, and needs to have a lives system added to compensate for that, but for now, it’s working and it’s up so I’ll take that!

I like the boo sound for the lose screen.

I like the bounce and block breaking sound effects but they don’t go well with the music. What I mean is the music sounds serious while the bounce sounds more light hearted. The glass sound is neutral which is fine. as for you including lives, I helped out another student here. It goes through the steps of having the Lose Collider talk to the LevelManager, PaddleScript, and BallScript.

Somthing I do like is that the collision of the ball against the paddle does not match the paddle’s graphic. It’s hit-and-miss when it comes to getting the aim right. I’m guessing the Polygon Collider’s shape doesn’t match the paddle’s shape?

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Thanks @EksSquared!

I’ll take a look at the extra lives soon, I want to get through the next project first and then I’ll come back to this.

Regarding the paddle, yeah the poly collider is a bit of a funny shape. I tried to get it to follow the shape of the paddle itself which is a stretched oval but it went a bit dodgy. I tested it as it was and like you, I enjoyed the unpredictability that it gave me. Definitely helps avoiding the infinite loops that were mentioned in the course!

Again, thanks for checking out my game!

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