Bunny girl with fur

I really like how it looks, but I guess this will be not really useful for exporting into games :frowning:


Aw! I love her, so hugable. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Vorundor

I did some variations and improvements for the last version.

I love how the fur works on blender, unfortunately, it’s not useful for games :frowning:

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cute :smile:

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You’re right i’m really curious about how to import all that particles and polygons in a game engine :dizzy_face: anyway good job :smiley:

Yeah, all those particles would kill game engines. What you’d want to do for a game engine is to use some planes with a particle system and render out fur images as PNG images. Then use a whole bunch of planes, going around your object and uv unwrap them onto your fur images. I know Unity has a Diffuse/Transparent shader where the RGB is the Diffuse map and the Alpha controls the transparency. The Unreal Engine also can achieve the same affect, but you have to plug the color into the base color and then the alpha into the opacity node.

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Thanks @Jarhead_Junior …interesting but is it possible reach also a realistic effect in this way? And what about animation?? could be a solution for animate too and save a lot of time in rendering videos or not?

If it’s longer fur, you could add bones with the fur so that you can animate it in game engines. Shorter fur could just be done with weight painting it to the bones that the character has.

As for animation in blender, the hair particles has animation settings like stiffness and a bunch of useful settings. Combining that with blenders physics (wind, turbulence, ect), you can achieve some very realistic results depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

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