Bulls and cows not staying up

so I am doing the bulls and cows section however when I run and build it works perfectly however it does not stay up like it runs works fine but as soon as the windows pops up with the bulls and cows stuff it instantly closes prohibiting me from actually playing the game?

want to know if I’m doing something wrong

include “stdafx.h”


using namespace std;

int main()
constexpr int WORLD_LENGTH = 5;

cout << "welcome to bulls and cows, a fun word game" << endl;

cout << "can you guess the" <<WORLD_LENGTH;

cout << "letter isogram I'm thinking of?" endl;

return 0;



didn’t know f5 was run and build was somehow ending up with the debugger which just basically launches it and closes it to tell you if it works or not.

possibly good for testing the game lines in the future before the build If you have errors

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