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From what I gather, the using namespace function imports all methods from the given namespace, so if you’re using multiple namespaces, and two of them contain the same method, there is the risk of being thrown a namespace clash error.

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Here is my solution to the challenge

Lecture 23 challenge: class methods

Lecture 27 Question: My guess is that the IsGameWon function would be the best candidate for const. Changing the victory conditions of a game could easily screw up the entire thing, and the const tag could prevent potential game breaking edits to the code.

Lecture 41 Question: Herein comes my weakness for mathematics. I’m guessing its O(n log n) because, in the few CS classes I took in school, I vaguely remember being told that it was the fastest. It’s also associated with Binary search trees, which are a lot of fun.

Lecture 43 challenge:

Lecture 44 challenge:

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