Bull Cow Game Error

I just downloaded the Bull Cow Game from the course resources but when I try to open the project and rebuild it an error appears “Bull Cow game could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually”. I have no idea what to do

Could you provide the log in Saved > Logs?

I have no such folder. Tried searching it in Finder but nothing came up. Oh yeah I should add that I’m working on a macOS Catalina.

Where did you extract the zip?

To my SD card but I didn’t even have to extract a zip I just downloaded a folder from the resources

Then that would be why. You need to extract it.

I extracted it and still the same error appears and still I can’t find the folder with logs :confused:

It would be in the same location as the .uproject.

Could you post a screenshot of the project folder as well as its properties window?
As I’m aware that MacOS shows zip files as folders and extracts them on the fly when opening them, so it may not be extracted.

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