Building Escape

I have just gotten off the ground with building escape, after a brief hiatus in the class. I have dowloaded source tree, but both the relevance of and details behind version control are a bit beyond me at this point. So as I wouldn’t get demoralized, I have moved forward with minimal understanding of the concept, with the intent to go back for it later.

So I just hit the point where I created my first C++ code from w/in unreal editor. It is the position reporter class.

What I recognize:
The super call, though I am not sure what super class it calls to.
The asterisk, which must denote a pointer of some sort

What I don’t:
Honestly, a lot of the code is unclear in functionality. I am unsure as to what much of it does. I am still not sure of the relevance of pointers, and the references to tick functions are also unclear. I also see a virtual type in the method headers, which is unclear in function to me.

Lecture 58:

While copying the code itself was fairly easy, I would honestly be hard pressed to explain exactly what I did or why it works. I do, however, understand that the -> and * represent the same notation, and it seems that -> is used for methods, while * is used in relation to objects.

Lecture 61:

Still getting used to building in the editor, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. My hardware is ****, and I’ve basically been ignoring version control (I fail to see the relevance of it for students. It makes sense for a teacher to use it, to be able to use each stage as a teaching tool, but what is the difference between this and multiple files? Why exactly do we need to master this somewhat arcane method?)

Source control is great for recovering projects if something goes wrong. Personally, even though I’m pretty comfortable in Unreal, there are times that I get a hard crash from doing something wrong and am unable to recover the project without going mad. Source control is your friend, not some “arcane” thing.

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