Broken Pyramid

For some reason i was able to get all theway to 4:46 in the different selection methods video before realizing when i did the original loop cuts at 1.5 and -1.5 they were somehow incorrect. i beleive both sides reached to the opposite side making them overlap and have a black speckled texture, upon trying to undo my mistakes i reached the 32 ctrl z cap o my pyramid is unfortunetly trash. Not sure how to fix

Restarted and got it right this time!


While this won’t help you with your current model, you can go
File Menu > Click on User Preferences > Editing tab > Undo > Steps: and increase your number of undo steps. Also, and this may be checked by default, make sure the Global Undo has a check in the box. Be sure to Save Users Settings.

I am running Blender 2.78 on a Mac and have my undo set at 256 steps. One note of caution though, it seems to have some odd behavior at times and doesn’t always go back and undo as many as it should.

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