Bricks of Cthulhu

Just finished putting together my Arkanoid clone. Using my own music, mostly my own bricks, with background art from artists that gave me permission to use on

I included credits for people to see. Starting on level 2 is where my new brick variants come in to play. Thanks!


I liked the backgrounds and music you put, they are really in harmony however couldnt play game well because the frame’s width and height settings. You should change it because I couldnt see the whole game just half of it. =) Good work

That’s odd. I’ll take a look at my settings and see what I did to let that happen. And thank you very much!

Okay, I changed the aspect ratio. I don’t know if it’s going to work. The problem being that I don’t have this problem on my own machine. Let’s see if this one works. If it doens’t work I’ll do some more research on it.

Hey, i liked the concept of the rotating stages a lot, really neat stuff.

Also, not sure if intentional or not, but once the ball is launched, if you left click again on the screen, the launch of the ball form whatever position it’s at when left clicking. So essentially, i can keep left clicking on the screen and continuously keep the ball in the air an never worry about it falling.

Very nice. I liked the music … very hypnotic. I also especially liked the particle effects on broken bricks … it was very well done.

Overall I very much enjoyed it, it was quite fun! Keep up the good work.

I noticed 2 bugs:

  1. Mentioned by @Cris_Whitley already: If you left click at any point, the ball bounds like it hits the player. I haven’t yet gone through the unity course, but if I had to guess I’d bet your having an event like “launch” and it’s tied to left-click. Which of course is not likely what you intended ( although it did make for a very entertaining few minutes :wink:

  2. I did notice that at the end of level 1 and level 2 and level 3 that the end condition for the level was not quite correct. The level always ended with 2 bricks left on the field. Smells like and off by one error to me ( again just a shot in the dark as I’ve not seen the unity course yet ). You’ve probably got something a level main loop that says something like “while ( bricks.count() < total_bricks ) { … }”. Meaning you are probably using a 0 index list ( losing 1 ) and doing < instead of <= against your count of bricks ( losing another 1). In a 0 index list, 10 items has array[9] as the last element.

Thanks for bringing up those errors. I’ll take a look at my code when I have the chance and see what I can do to fix those issues.


I cant]'t get to the game. Upload a WebGL version. I’m interested to see the theme of this game.

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