BreaKat - Block breaking differently!

Hello all,

At the end of that lesson, I just decided to modify plenty of things in the game in order to make it more fun! It’s not a paddle anymore but a cat with a polygon collider, the ball is not always a ball depending on the levels, the cat is allowed to drop the ball on the floor up to 5 times. After each drop, either the ball bounces back high enough or the cat has to find a way to bring it back in the air. Until it has not gotten high enough, additional drops on the floor do not count. Finally, I did make a simple interactive background in level 3, which makes it more lively! Oh, and the cat can jump as well, which can help to give some speed to the ball since the gravity is strong!
Let me know what you think!!! :slight_smile:


Great game! Haha.

My only issue is it’s really hard to makes the ball go in a particular direction and I managed to get the ball wedged in the bottom corner and couldn’t get it out again.

Absolutely fantastic though - love the sound effect!


Thanks a lot for the feedback!!!
Regarding the direction of the ball, it takes a bit of practice actually (the tail allows to make it go in a different direction but there is more chance to miss the ball…).
Regarding the ball stuck in the bottom corner, that’s indeed an issue I have not managed to solve properly… I basically said that if the ball was on the ground and colliding with the cat, it should get a random velocity upwards, but when it’s completely in the corner, the cat itself prevents the ball from going up… Not sure how to solve that except having the cat in a different shape :slight_smile:

I see!

Is there a way to make a collision with the wall to add a slight angle? Not physically correct, but might do the job!

Not sure how to implement it, as I’m not as far into the course as you!

Awesome game! Love the square ball!!

In level 3, it’s a pellet in the shape of a star :joy:

It might work, but it starts to seem too complicated… I’m sure there is a simple solution somewhere out there!!! I just haven’t figured it out yet :sweat_smile:

For my game I had issue with the ball getting stuck sliding on the walls or ceiling. My solution was to put small right angle triangle colliders at the top left and right of my game space. Now the ball deflects away from the wall when it makes contact with them.

Nice idea!
I’ll try that thanks!

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