BPW_Game Start. Countdown bug with "Start Delay" variable. Whats wrong?

Hello people!

I completely got lost. My countdown starts from 1 and after a second the game starts.
I tries to set a variable manually to 5 but it doesn`t work.

Ive spent an hour to solve it, but no idea where to go :(

Please help me.

Here are my BP screens

You are calling a timer function inside the same timer function one time and another without clearing the timer. I would be surprised if that worked. A solution (click on the loop option):

And in the countdown it is the same but deleting the SetTimerbyFunctionName (Countdown) block and put a Do Once before the settext to Go, to protect that branch blocks.

I really appreciete your answer, but it didn`t work.

A swaped a variable with new one and it works(later I renamde it to Start Delay). I have no idea what was wrong.

This are my new screenshots. But I still have a question: what was wrong??

UPD#3 By this moment I know that the variable doesn`t take any value from the GameMode (screen below) I mean I have a value of 10 at game mode, but count down starts from 5(default value set in the BPW_GameStart)

Could you paste SetStartDelay?

If you are talking about this, it doesn`t make any difference

You have a function that is called SetStartDelay:

A brilliant idea! The function was just empty)
It was occasionally deleted when I tried to recreate the widget.

Still have no idea why previous variable didnt work. But as far as I dont have any issue, the topic will be closed.

Munsa, thank you!

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