BP_SecretWall doesn't move when I place the statue

The BP_SecretWall can’t move when I place the statue. I’m in lecture 106, but I don’t know why but it doesn’t want to move.

here is the Trigger component code

and this is the Mover code

so what is the issue?

Have you tried added logs to your code to see where it’s not working?

how do I add the log? Where do I have to placed it?

See the example given in your previous thread.

where do I put the code?

To be clear, don’t put that exact code anywhere. I’m suggesting that you add logs at various places in the code to determine why it’s not moving.

Is ShouldMove true when you think it should be? Is the value of Original and TargetLocation the expected values? etc.

sorry I’m a bit confused, can you make a video to show me how to do it?

What’s confusing you? Do you follow the logic of how it’s supposed to move?

to add the code, it’s confusing me.

What do you find confusing about it?

I don’t know how to explain it, but can you make a video to show how to add the logs to the code?

Would you mind sending me your project using the following link?
Please use File > Zip Project within Unreal as this will ensure only required files are zipped up and things like the Binaries are excluded.


Done @DanM

You have Generate Overlap Events unchecked on the gargoyle.

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