Bowling pin: too few steps?

I was wondering: is it going to be a problem later on if my pin has too few steps? when I used spin to rotationally extrude my pin bezier curve and the temporary operator panel appeared, I adjusted the number of steps to maybe 6 or 7 (I know it was below ten) and it already looks a bit weird when in render mode.

There are a few ways to look at this situation:

Yes, it doesn’t look as smooth as it could, but depending on the view distance of it, it might not matter. If it is the case where you leave it in lower detail/smoothness, then I would get rid of some of the Edge loops going around some of the circumference where things are similar. That will help to keep it lower in poly count.

If you are going to try to smooth it out, try doing it vertically first by adding 1 Loop Cut and Slide for each cross-section of the pin. (So if you cut the pin in half, do only 3 sides of it) Then you can try to use Smooth Vertex while in Edit mode and having the whole pin selected to make it nicer in shape/smoothness without worrying of adjusting it yourself.

If things tend to look weird in smooth shading, that will be because of hard edges and/or ngons/triangles vs smoothly modeled quads.

Hope that helps~

**EDIT: And I forgot to mention if you are worried about collision physics or something, the collision mesh you make will be separate (technically) from your current pin. The collision mesh will always need to be a convex shell that tries to maintain the same shape as the source model. So in this case, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Adding a sub-division modifier, can also help. You will learn that in other lessons.

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thanks for the insights! you’re right, I remember in lecturing hearing something about how the next part we need to create a convex mesh shell from our current pin, so it shouldn’t matter in the end, huh? but thanks for the idea of adding vertical loop cuts. I’m gunna try it anyways for fun n extra practice!

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