Bowling is Funny...Now!

Hi guys i had some problems to handle with reflexes and specularity sometime i really don’t know how have the total control on then i hope i will soon thanks to the community and this fantastic course. After all that’s the final result. Hope you enjoy it!



Haha amazing Pins, made me chuckle! :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing!

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That’s awesome, I love it!

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Thanks Micheal i’m really glad that was the intent make some fun :smiley: and thank you @David_Bauguess but i saw your scene and that’s amazing i find it really “acute” :slight_smile: is it your own concept?? Did you try to tell something or i’m just looking for some deep and philosophical meaning that doesn’t exists :disappointed_relieved: ?? Brilliant anyway i love it!!!

Thanks, Mike, I appreciate that! No deep meaning, I just thought “wouldn’t it be funny to try to bowl with a balloon when the pins were spiked”, and then it was playing with every Blender feature I could find. :slight_smile: I think our humor is very similar!


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