Bowling Alley

Here is my final scene for section 3. I rendered a few shots after trying to play with the lighting a little bit.


Looks good. Does the bowling ball have emit, per chance? Looks much brighter lit than everything else.

Remember; if in light doubt use Ambient Occlusion! (It’s found on the ‘world’ tab!) Even if you use just a little. It creates fake darkness and smoothes out the shadows, but on the downside it also makes it very difficult to get any darkness at all.

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There may be. I played around on the material tab a bit but quickly got lost. Then I moved on to lighting and got lost there too! Need to read up more on those two subjects

I really like this bowling scene. I would not have thought to use those camera angles, and they make the scene look very good.

Thanks! I Googled images of bowling strikes to get an idea of how the pins would react and I saw a few with some unique perspectives. I tried to use some of those ideas for my camera placement.

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