Bowling alley scene

Wanted to have some more understanding of how bezier curves work so I went ahead and made those ball return table. Since I was there I thought I would complete the scene.

Lighting could use some work, but it works for now. Since we haven’t gone anywhere with materials and textures, I used the existing pins and balls and made them into 2D and placed them close to the panel above the pins.

Few observations I made, you can make the bowling balls with a Sphere and Cube too but they will have too much geometry.

Above is an example.

When using bezier curves you shouldn’t extrude more than once from a single vertex or weirs stuff happens like this.

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or curve vertices behave like this by default.


Well done man! keep it up and you will get result


Great scene of a whole alley.

Yes not something I have thought to try extruding more than once from a curve, may well have odd results!


I only use bezier curves for ropes, cables.
For bottles, a vase, I use a cylinder.
But it is more or less a persons development choice.


Thank you.

Yeah and you cant join two vertices either, it has the same result.


You can extrude a single vertice (e-key) in edit mode. Creating edges. But edges alone can’t be rendered (invisible). So you must SKIN them. By using the skin modifier.
Again you will learn about modifiers.


Since the ball collection table has a few curves I didn’t know what else to use. You can do it manually but it would be a drag. :tired_face:

Maybe I’ll learn a few other ways to model by the end of the course. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, but I’m talking about this

Join two vertices

Extrude from the last vertex.

This happens.

I don’t think that’s a problem though. After you convert the curve to mesh you can just remove the duplicates and get rid of unnecessary geometry. I just thought it was weird is all.


Thanks man.


You need merge vertices or select two vertices and press ‘f’ for face, which creates a an edge.

You are talking about normal meshes, I’m talking about bezier curves. I can merge the vertices but when you extrude from the merge point it creates duplicate geometry.

Not sure what you are trying to explain. But my solution works also on bezier curves.

Which version of Blender are you using, maybe it’s a bug.

Maybe it’s a bug then. I’m using the 2.92 version.

This is what I’m talking about.

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Curves are more mathematical. You can’t just start a spur off one mid point.

To do what you are trying you need to start a second curve and place one end point on top, imn the same place as the mid curve point you want to branch from.


Seems logic to me.

You create a loop and insert the fifth vertice.You are woring with a bezier curve. Which is not an EDGE!


add plane selecta vertice and extrude ‘e’

Why generating straight lines, when you have edges?


looking really fantastic xxx jess

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@NP5 @FedPete That’s exactly what I was saying too and I was just asking for a confirmation of what I thought was true. When I was working on the Ball collecting table, I faced these things where I tried to join two vertices of a curve or doing some other stuff with it. So, I just posted to know if it’s common with curves.


Thank you.