Booster Icarus

I’ve been sticking with my theme, that its an experimental rocket being stolen from within a facility. So the view outside the hangar is of the city and night sky.

The video made the colours look a bit faded and washed out. You can see the real colours I used when the video stops.

I did make my own jet engine particle effect to see flame coming out of the rocket on thrusting. Also I tried to create a luminescent effect on the stars.


I love the setting and the idea. Keep up the great work.

Looks great!

Is the rocket a model or did you did it with Unity’s primitives? Because if it’s the latter, it doesn’t look like it.

For the stars effect consider using lights or maybe even a particle effect.

Thank you for the encouragement :smiley:

Primitives only, so thank you. I reused the same particles material for the stars as I created for the flame coming out of the rocket. It was a lot of fun mucking around with it. I cant wait to make real games with particles I can now create

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