Boolean Mod does not leave faces behind in difference operation

Hey there - loving the course.
I am using version 2.78c and when I used the difference operation to take the notch out of the bishop there were no faces to the inside of the notch. I selected all the vertices and added faces to the geometry but it did not look like that was needed in the tutorial video.

In this updated version, it seems that there is a field that was not shown called solver with either BMesh or Carve - maybe this is the reason? I could see that having to go back and add the faces back in in a complex geometry would be either challenging or a time-suck.

Any assistance on what I did differently would be greatly appreciate.
Here is a pic of first pass after filling in the faces in the difference cut.

Hello Doug,

I can’t be sure why exactly it would provide you with no faces while using the boolean mod, but I am curious what the little highlighted edge is to the left of where the notch is. Did you happen to have some other object there before? Or was it something that happened after?

If you can upload the blend file with the object to notch the bishop in place, then it might be easier to see for me.


From some searching online, you might want to check if the Normals of your object to notch your bishop are facing the correct way. And also, select all of it in edit mode and remove any doubles of vertices. (Those probably aren’t the reason, but you still should keep that in mind for the future.)


Usually with boolean modifier, both shapes should be of similar type: low poly or high poly. That helps to keep things looking more natural. And it can depend on the position of your second object. So you might try to Undo the change, re-position it, and try again.

I’ll respond back when I can~

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