Bone constraints or Transform locks?

In this lecture (133: Constraining bone movement), I’ve seen two ways to restrict the movement of an object attached to a bone:

  • Checking one of the locks in the “Transform Locks” fold down in the “Bone” tab of the “Properties” window, and
  • Adding a bone constraint.

If I want to lock a bone to say the x-axis, is there any reason to not use a bone constraint with both the Minimum and Maximum X location checked and set to the same value?

From the perspective of uniform/centralized settings, I’d rather use the bone constraints than the locks, but I suspect that the locks are implemented as a boolean value on which the IK/physics engine decides wether or not to do a calculation. If that is indeed the case, setting a bone constraint with min==max would be sub-optimal because it introduces numeric instability. However, the reason I ask this is that I forgot the Transform Lock option, and couldn’t find anything wrong. (Then, being paranoia about these things as I am, I had to find the answer … but my google-fu failed me)

Yay for my first post here ^^, and thanks for any answers in advance!

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