Body Transform vs Parent Transform

Just wanted to point out a couple of errors that might dazzle the unknowing:

The Gnome and Gravestone in the video are actually missplaced, as Ben by accident sets the coordinates of the Bodies of those way off. For example, where the Gravestone is set to grid location 3 / 2, he then also changes the Body’s position with 1 in the X direction and 2 in the Y direction, ending up at the grid location 4 / 4. In other words: the Gravestone object is set at position 3X and 2Y, but the body has an offset of 1X and 2Y. Make sure you don’t give the Body such a big offset, as it will not end up where you expect it afterwards. Same thing happened to the Gnome, wich was offset for only -1Y.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for this! I didn’t notice that, but I did something similar myself. While my Gravestone was lined up with the other defenders, I noticed it’s X position was 2, whereas the others were at 1. Turned out it was because I had messed with the Body transform too much, so I simply reset the Body transform and then I was able to set the object’s transform correctly.

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