Blue and Red Lamp on a nice diffuse backdrop

Due to some oddity with the backdrop edge when I built it (simply could not get the normal on that corner to come out right no matter what I tried, which wound up giving that edge where the floor meets the curve a distinct line), I went with a nice soft diffuse backdrop to smooth everything out.


Did you double check for geometry laying on top of itself? I know it’s silly but in Lecture 100 Micheal purposely overlaps some Geometry ,about 3m 14s in, in order to set up a teaching moment (he does that a lot) and then gets rid of it in Lecture 101, at 13m in.

I did, but I may have missed something; I should probably go back and check for loose vertices. :slight_smile:

you were right :slight_smile: I had missed a pair of vertices and once I deleted those, everything worked beautifully. Actually discovered I hadn’t saved my work after doing the Node Editor lesson, so I went back in and did it over again. Remembered to save this time :wink:

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